Florida is Home to 10 of the Nation’s 25 Most Dangerous Congressional Districts for Walking

When we say that Florida’s hazardous walking conditions statute for students is woefully inadequate, we do so in recognition of the disparity between the criteria described in the statute and what most people readily recognize as a reasonable and responsible criteria.

The assumptions that form the basis of that conclusion are repeatedly validated in studies of walking conditions for Florida pedestrians.

The 100 most dangerous congressional districts for walking. Source: National Complete Streets Coalition

For instance, The National Complete Streets Coalition has released a listing of the most dangerous congressional districts in the United States for walking. The listing considers the number of people who were struck and killed while walking. Shockingly, 10 of the nation’s 25 most dangerous congressional districts are in Florida. The listing illustrates the need to improve walking conditions throughout the state, but it also shows that there must be protection for student pedestrians in Florida’s Education Code.

These are the 10 congressional districts that rank among the 25 most dangerous in the nation:
4 – Florida’s 24th Congressional District
5 – Florida’s 13th Congressional District
6 – Florida’s 5th Congressional District
9 – Florida’s 10th Congressional District
10 – Florida’s 6th Congressional District
16 – Florida’s 14th Congressional District
17 – Florida’s 20th Congressional District
23 – Florida’s 8th Congressional District
24 – Florida’s 15th Congressional District
25 – Florida’s 1st Congressional District

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