The Student Transportation Leader’s Imperative

When Florida legislators propose bills to improve the state's hazardous walking conditions statute for students, local school district transportation directors are surveyed regarding the bill's fiscal and logistical implications. In recent years, directors have accurately reported that improving the statute's parameters in the ways that have been proposed would have meant that school districts would... Continue Reading →

Getting to the Root of Pedestrian Accidents

How many times do we see a report of a pedestrian accident and find that the cause of the accident was simply attributed to the pedestrian walking in the roadway or the pedestrian crossing the roadway outside of pedestrian crosswalks? What's missing in those reports are the other factors - like distracted driving and lane... Continue Reading →

Finally, a Sound and Comprehensive Improvement to the Florida Hazardous Walking Conditions Statute

Creating genuinely effective improvements to Florida's Hazardous Walking Conditions statute has proven elusive, largely because proposals have been too costly and they essentially generated unfunded mandates for local school districts. Concerns over those two considerations have resulted in half-measure proposals that were still too costly and cumbersome for the state and for local school districts.... Continue Reading →

It’s Time for the Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan to Face the Florida Hazardous Walking Conditions Statute

The Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is "the state’s five-year comprehensive roadway safety plan for achieving Florida’s vision of zero traffic-related fatalities." The SHSP includes 13 Emphasis Areas that guide Florida’s safety efforts, among them pedestrians and bicyclists. The current Plan, published in 2016, found that "approximately two-thirds of pedestrian and bicyclist-related fatal crashes... Continue Reading →

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